Your protection is our first priority, and when you are planning a trip it is easy to forget the little things.  Before you pack your bags, please check out this helpful information to get your accounts ready to go. 

Call us at: 620-421-2265

1)Let us know where you are going and how long you will be traveling. This helps us prevent your debit card from being blocked due to unusual activity.

2)Update your personal information with us. If you call in with any problems, we can verify your information over the phone to identify you.

3)Ask us about ATM Fees; if you are traveling abroad or using an ATM outside of our Shazam Privileged network, there may be additional fees. To help you locate a fee free ATM, please visit

We know that life happens. If you have any questions or concerns about your account, below is a list of helpful phone numbers.

Lost/Stolen Debit Card: 800-383-8000

Debit Card Fraud: 866-508-2693

Lost/Stolen Credit Card: 800-423-7503

Telephone Banking: 800-711-5311

Labette Bank: 800-711-1823


For your convenience, we have compiled this information on a wallet sized Travel Card so that you can carry it with you. If you are planning your trip or on the road, your Travel Card has all the information you need. Please stop by your Labette Bank location today before your trip and pick up a Travel Card!


Let your Labette Bank Credit Card take you there! Earn Bonus Points for every purchase, redeem your Bonus Points for exciting travel awards


Ask us how you can get Roadside Assistance with your BaZing checking account!