Frequently Asked Questions?




"How do I get an Instant Issue Debit Card?"

Just stop by your local Labette Bank branch and open a checking account! Your Instant Issue Debit Card is free with your account. If you already have a checking account but have not switched to our Instant Issue Debit Card you may switch your card within 6 months of your current Labette Bank Debit Card's expiration date.



"How does the Instant Issue Debit Card card work?"

At Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), it works just like a regular ATM card, and you can use your same Personal Identification Number (PIN). Also, where you see the MasterCard logo, at stores, restaurants, and other MasterCard merchants, it works like a check. The EMV chip technology provides increased protection again fraud and is easy to use.



"So when I shop with it, I follow the same steps as when I use a credit card, but it's not a credit card, right?"

Right. The Instant Issue Debit Card will be accepted by merchants just like a MasterCard card. The difference is that your purchases will be deducted from your checking account, so there are no interest charges.



"Will my Instant Issue Debit Card purchases appear on my monthly checking account statement?"

Yes. If you shop with a Labette Bank Debit Card, the amount, date and even the place where you used it will all appear on your statement, along with the checks you write and your ATM transactions. Having all of your transactions on one statement helps you keep track of your spending.



"Can I still use my checks when I shop?"

That's completely up to you. Although once you see how much more convenient it is to shop with the Instant Issue Debit Card, you may find yourself using checks less and less.



"Are there any spending limits?"

Initially we do set limits for your protection. ATM withdrawals are limited to $200 daily and point of sale limits are set at $500. However, if you would like either of these limits increased, simply call or come by any of our locations and we will happily change them for you.



"Can I overdraw my checking account when I use the Labette Bank Debit Card?"

Yes! If you do not have sufficient funds available, then just as with overdrawn checks you can expect to pay some fees or service charges.



"When I use the Instant Issue Debit Card, are funds withdrawn instantly from my checking account?"

You should assume that it happens immediately although it may take a few days to show up on your account.



"If I get a new card, what should I do with my old ATM card if I have an old one?"

For security reasons, when you receive your new Instant Issue Debit Card, simply cut up your old ATM card and throw it away. You can also bring it to your Labette Bank location and they will shred it for you.



"What happens if my Instant Issue Debit Card is lost or stolen?"

Call a customer service representative as soon as you realize that your Labette Bank Debit Card is lost or stolen, so we can cancel it and order you a replacement card. If it is after regular business hours please call 800-383-8000.



"Who do I call if I have more questions?"

Call a customer service representative at (800) 711-1823. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about Labette Bank Debit Cards.